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Main Site Having to Re-Submit Submission


Chaotic Neutral Wreckage
Hey there, I'm not sure if this already has a thread as it's really a small annoyance over an actual problem all things considered, but whenever I upload something to FA I always have to go to the "Change Submission File" and re-upload that file for it to show properly (otherwise it appears as a broken image). Here is an example of what shows when I first upload any artwork/image, before re-submitting the same file.


And here is that same file, after having been re-submitted (aka, changed but not really). Note: the above image was taken as an example as I'd already uploaded and resubmitted this work, so that's why the times/dates are off.


I'm using an Android Phone and the Chrome Browser. I have cleared my cache to see if that fixes the issue, but for me it does not. This has happened for many weeks now. I don't have a laptop so I'm unsure if this is an issue for everyone or just mobile users, and for the sake of context, images upload fine here. It's only the website. Anyone know why this is or what it could be?


Retrowave Connoisseur
This happens to me as well and i'm on a laptop/PC. It might be a server issue, idk. It could also be possible that the way you upload files could be bugging out. Like when you upload a folder from your "Android/ Downloads" folder, it could be losing track of where it's going and thus it loses the image. Those're my thoughts though.