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Having trouble accesing FAF through VPNS and Tor browsers?


Len, the Oni
I understand why FAF gets security alerts about this, but when the site asks me to pass a CAPTCHA, the CAPTCHA test won't load.

It's working ok on my Tor browser but I'd rather run Orbot with DDG so I can utilize its VPN mode.
(unless Torbrowser for Android has a built in VPN that I'm totally missing)
Anyone have a workaround for this, or a better program to use?
(I don't want NordVPN lol)


recaptcha will usually be triggered if you try to connect with any domain that looks "suspicious", which generally includes public VPN servers like Nord and others, and a lot of exit nodes from the Tor network too. It's a really nefarious Google technology, IMO it is more about identifying people for tracking and advertising than anything else. For Tor specifically, this thread has more info.