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Havoc Husky needs an artist!

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Hello artists!

I am looking for an artist to comission to help me design my own personal fursona. I am preferably looking for just a head view (for forum avatar and such), as well as a reference sheet for future reference, and one full body standing view, with or without background.

I have ideas of colors and how I would generally like it to look, which will be exchanged with an artist preferably through some type of instant messenger.

Budget: I am pretty flexible with budget, however do not want to exceed 150 if at all possible. I have some room to go a bit higher if needed but optimally would like to keep it at or under 150.

Time frame: this will be up to the artist. I do not expect to place a time frame on quality work, and am prepared to wait. I would like to collaborate with the artist to make small changes if needed along the way anyways!

Some short personality details: HavocHusky Is a cute silly husky! Playful, but shy around new people. HavocHusky Is always happy and in a good mood!

Some general Appearance details: HavocHusky will be a black/grey/white toony husky, with a light blue right eye, and a light blue/brown parti-colored left eye (If you have never seen a parti-eyed husky, Google search! It's very cool) I would also like to have a Maltese cross outline mark on the left shoulder area, grey outline against black fur.

Further appearance details will be given upon my selection of an artist, most likely will have to link some existing art for reference on certain parts such as facial and body marking patterns.

Well, that's it! I think I have everything in here... show me what you have got and if you are interested in helping me design my sona! If your price point is slightly higher don't be afraid to post in here, as I said I am quite flexible, and realize the whole fresh design thing could be kind of a pain. Thanks in advance!


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This could be fun! I'd definitely be interested in helping you design your 'sona
I think for what you're asking it'll be about $90 for the ref sheet, the icon, and the full body piece.

Here's some examples of my work:
http://www.furaffinity.net/view/16781905 (full body)
http://www.furaffinity.net/view/12262908 (full body)
http://www.furaffinity.net/view/11585787/ (ref)
http://www.furaffinity.net/view/16763374/ << that one just shows a bit more of my style

Send me a pm or a note if you're interested :)


I currently do a lot of character designs and references on FA, and would be interested in working on this character for you.
First off, here are a few examples of past work I've done:

For character references, prices start at $90 for a front/back view image that's fully painted. ($50 for flat colors). This includes a front and back view of your character, plus sketches before working so you can see how they'd look and change details before I start working on the reference.
If you'd like an icon as well, I can do flat icons for $15, painted icons for $25.
Time-wise, I currently am working on a few commissions right now, but can start working on this for you starting next week, with an estimated 3-5 days for completion based on how you like the sketches.

Feel free to contact me on FA or send an email to Vanchamarl@live.com if interested so we could discuss more details.

Edit: Forgot to add prices for a single fullbody image. Prices start at $70 for a fullbody depending on what it is you're looking for, though that could be up for discussion.


Hey there! I'd love to help you out with a ref sheet! Please click HERE to see my commission prices and click HERE to read my Terms of Service (which I kindly require you read if you do choose me)

Here are a few Examples of my work!




If youd like to see more, please visit my GALLERY


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I would love to help with this! I've done fursona design work for a lot of people. c: I work very fast and would have it all done within a week.

Ref (front and back plus headshot for icon) would be $60, and full body standing view would be an additional $20 with simple background.

Let me know if you're interested! My gallery is here: http://www.furaffinity.net/gallery/kestrels/

A few examples:



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I'm very interested.
1 head view (simple color, suitable for avatar/icon) + 1 fullbody standing (flat color background) + 1 ref sheet (3 angle view/flat color) = $120

You can check my FA gallery here for your consideration http://www.furaffinity.net/gallery/whiteguardian/

YOu may contact me by PM here or send note to my FA.
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