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Hc Svnt Dracones (tabletop RPG): personal reviews?


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Good day!
I recently came to know the very interesting game of Hc Svnt Dracones and its lore, setting and mechanics after buying the base manual as well as the Core: Extended manual.
Unfortunately I still haven't found the chance to play it (me and my friends also playing D&D, Pathfinder and the likes of them XD) so... Anyone here who already played the game and would like to share their thoughts or experiences about it? :3


Haven't played it yet but I'am going to be long distance co-GMing for a friend of mine who backed it. From what I have read so far I'm finding it kind of interesting and odd at the same time. Like mechanically speaking characters are very fragile, which I guess while realistic in that some one shouldn't be able to shrug off several gunshot wounds like in other systems, still kinda makes the prospect of combat a tad intimidating since one bad roll or mistake can very well lead to a player death. Setting wise its a tad too much of a harmonious utopia, without something major happening to upset the balance (such as a war), like the only real threats are internal shenanigans between the mega corps or people misusing technology. Also on a personal note I find the fixation on bio engineering to be kind of unsettling in a bizarre way.
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