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HDTV Problem


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Recently I recieved enough money to go out and purchase a new TV. My friend told me to get this one: http://www.bestbuy.com/site/olspage.jsp?skuId=9222646&st=sony+32"&lp=1&type=product&cp=1&id=1218062424206

But I thought that getting the 1080p version might be a better idea.

So I got it with a Sony HDMI cable and hooked everything up to my PS3 and everything looks good, until I play a game that only goes up to 720p (Which is all but one). When the game's playing, part of the screen goes out of the TV's border. I can change the widescreen mode to either Full (The default one), Zoom, Wide Zoom, or Full Pixel which shrinks the screen down to a small but good looking picture with 70% of the screen becoming a black border. The Normal option is ALWAYS grayed out for some reason. I can also change the vertical and horizontal screen size manually but even at the lowest settings things still go out of the border.

Is this normal, or should I try and get the 720p one? :u


Manually set your video mode options in the PS3 video-out settings to 1080p *only* (ie, uncheck the other options). That way the PS3 will use its internal scaler to render 720p games to 1080p instead of relying on the TV's (often inferior) scaler.


When I do that, all my games go to 480p except for GTA4 <:u
Huh. That's unusual behavior; do you have the latest firmware version?


Mmm. Well that's odd. I suppose all you can do is try to investigate your TV's finer scaling options; it ought to be able to deal with 720p as a matter of course ~ I can't think of why it wouldn't be.


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Yeah, it sounds like the scaler engine on either your TV or the PS3 is seriously messed up. Just for comparison, you should try using the component cables that came with the PS3 to see if the TV still has scaler issues.

Also, in addition to setting your PS3's output mode manually, check to make sure that HDMI is actually selected, and not component or something, as my friend's PS3 occaisionally likes to pretend it's using composite cables for no reason.

Other than that, all I can reccommend is play with as many settings as you can find on both the TV and the PS3, and try borrowing a friend's HDMI cable. It's possible (though unlikely) yours has issues.

Good luck.


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Yeah, setting the output mode to 1080p should cause the PS3 to upscale everything to that resolution - Even games that only do 720p, and PS1/PS2 games depending on your PS3.

It's also possible that the 1080p version of that TV only supports 1366x768 and downscales 1080p (that's fairly common), since it's a 32", in which case something might be getting confused somewhere along the line (it's possible that the TV is reporting that as its maximum resolution over HDMI, hence 480p coming up when you try using 1080p). I second the idea of trying the component cables and seeing what happens - No display information gets transmitted over that.

Also, check your HDMI cable and be sure it's not frayed, no pins are bent, etc.


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I got it, I have a similar TV and I read the manual. There is an auto format/size setting right?
My TV has Cable broad casting in 480p. The Picture is coming in clear, and the TV automatically scales it up to the correct size on screen. Try to find that setting I mentioned earlier. That should help. Mine is functioning using a PS2 however...

Then, it my be the PS3... Its been known to have issues.

Try this site,
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