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he full moon


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this i suppose goes mostly torward canine furs, but applies to everyone.

have you ever felt realy weird in the light of the full moon? tonight was a full moon, and when i was outside i was... on edge, and i could hardly keep my eyes off it.

anyone else experianced that?

lovely, it posted when i wasn't finished with the title. :l

it's supposed to be The. :p

Gravity was pulling down on us more usually then before. Because I lift 50 lbs, and did it every day. yesterday it was unusually heavier.


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I'll make my own story called "The moon turns red at midnight" -tryin to work on better title-

First opening paragraph (never wrote a furry story so...first try"
"You ever think that when people looked up years ago they saw the same moon?" Said *need some names*. "Well for the wolf clan would better answer this than a bunch of foxes." Thunder replied. Suddenly they both caught the same scent, that smell was obviously of the Bears...They were both employed as fox sentry guards atop the towers, and both fairly young (19-25) Thunder redyed his bow as *name here lol* lit the signal fire. What they thought to only be a scout troop, turned out to be a whole army...

Anybody like lol kinda sucks I know lol


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I love the power of the full moon. My older sister and I were born on fullmoons and different holidays aswell. The intoxicating feel of the fullmoon floods over me and impowers my soul.
When I got home last night I started a huge fire in my yard then sat back with my dogs and we listend to all the coyotes howling in the foothills. It was wonderfull.

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I always stare at the moon when it's full, even though my fursona is a Bear. I do feel a strong connection with Wolves and am considering an alternate fursona.


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lol our teacher told us people would dare others to sleep outside under a full moon and not go mad lol everyone was too scared back then so nobody tried lol.


the moon is pretty i'm a freak for space sciences and pretty shiny things so the two just go hand and hand i espically like to look at the moon when it gets really big and golden in the sky.


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Don't feel particularly different, but being that I work overnights, being able to see my way when walking to work at night helps a lot.


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The moon is technically always full, but from our limited perspective on Earth, it appears in cycles (and also most people can't tell a full moon from the last last of the waxing moon and the first stage of the waning moon). Sorry to ruin the mood, but it's just reflected sunlight to me. *Shrug*

The only "moons" I particularly like are Harvest and Hunter's Moons because they remind me of fall mornings, just sitting on the bow of a sailboat doing nothing. I actually get really restless during Dark/New Moons because of the lack of any light.

Although, an interesting fact for the furries, the Algonquin give names to the moons in their various months. For instance January is the Wolf Moon, July is the Buck Moon and November is the Beaver Moon. There are ones for every month, in case you're interested. :3
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I think the light it casts on the ground is so beautiful. Its like walking in the slightly blue light. Otherwise I can't seem to take my eyes off it. its so lovely. But I love it when its a gibbous too, not just full.

I sometimes want to scream, and howl, and run around, but I know its not appropriate.


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Oh yes, of course! I tend to stare at the moon for a long time, reflecting on many things. I've actually ben told by friends that my eyes narrow and my pupils turn into near slits. It's quite creepy, really. But the moon doesn't fancy me nearly as much as a good, SEVERE storm of any sort.

But I love the moon, dearly.


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I don't want to be the one to go "Well technically animals are naturally more active in full moons because there's more light", or to be the one to go "humans are naturally more active at a full moo" or "humans like bright things", but I think I just did. XD;;

There's a natural fixation on things that glow for humans, and believe it or not you are human. XD It's more natural for us than it is for wolves...Wolves aren't howling at the moon, after all. They're howling to find out where the rest of their pack is.


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makes me feel energized :3


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I always feel as if the moon is looking down, protecting me; Which is tangibly true, as it is probably safer to walk or bicycle alone at night when the world's lit by full moon light. It's also probably one of those things rooted in the subconsciousness of a species which evolved watching the moon's phases.