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Hiring: Head/Partial


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Hi! I'm not entirely sure if I'm doing this right, but here goes:

I'm looking for a custom head of this guy. It's a really simple blue and green head. I'm willing to give wild artistic freedom so long as the colors are dark blue and dark green and it's a Canine/Wolf thing. I'd also potentially like handpaws. Tail would be appreciated, but is not required. I'd be interested in tails and paws but only if the paws are machine washable.

I've got a current bid of $500, so I guess that's my range?

I don't have a deadline. Completed in 6 months or less?

I can provide some foam.

I don't know if it matters or is important information, but I'd like to take the suit to hospitals to cheer up sick kids. I realize that humanitarian discounts aren't much of a thing in the fandom, but I wanted people to know that it'll be tugged on and played with, and need to be able to withstand getting either gassed or sprayed to get cleaned.


I'm currently open for commissions, my toony partials usually start at 600$ but I could do a head and simple washable handpaws (fabric claws and pawpads) for 450$ (payment plans available) and could do it within your time frame. You can find some of my fursuits I've made on my fursuit fa: Userpage of CrawlspaceCritters -- Fur Affinity [dot] net
I'm not sure if you meant to attach a reference image btw, since nothing is showing up for me

Feel free to dm me on here or on my fursuit fa if you're interested!