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Head with mandibles


Got tea?
I want to make my very first fursuit. It's gonna be partial. Here's how my character looks like:

www.furaffinity.net: Parkia by Skakuna

Now. My problem is: I'm gonna use balaclava as my base. It's the type where there is just one hole showing eyes, nose and mouth. So I'm not quite sure how exactly I attach the foam for my mandibles. Do I leave it just 'hanging' there or maybe I should just cut another hole for my mouth and just stick the foam to the material? Or is there a third option?
Also, another thing - I wanted to be able to separate the mandibles a bit to cool down from time to time a bit. I know heads with traditional muzzles without moving jaw don't suffer from widening the mouth a bit more. But I don't know if it's gonna be safe in this case.

Does anyone have any experience of heads like that? I honestly found like 1 photo of head of jumping spider head, but the mandibles were just pieces of foam sicked to the head, and I want mine to extend a bit. Any help will be appreciated!