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I did the thing. Clicked the "create a new thread" button. I swore I wouldn't do it, but here we are. :confused:

Was wondering what everyones thoughts/preferences on headphones are. What brands people prefer? More for just music, than gaming, but that applies too. The reason I'm asking is partially because I'm looking to buy some (these skullcandy's are really sh*ttin the bed here.. duct tape just isn't doing it anymore.), but also because I'm curious. I always go for the noise-canceling, giant padded ones, although I MUCH prefer ones that sit around the back of your head/neck than on top, (because comfort) though I've never found a pair with the combination of all of those features. You guys?


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Here is the pair I have. http://www.amazon.com/Monster-NCredible-NPulse-Over-Ear-Headphones/dp/B009IKCKMY? This makes your Skullcandies sound like dollar store earbuds. However, I do recommend getting the protection plan, especially if you are like me and have a big head. The band is made out of a hard plastic that gets stressed over time and eventually snaps, kinda like people. Other than this flaw, the build quality is rock solid, and these massive headphones are also quite comfortable. The bass and treble are perfectly balanced and clear, perfect for any and all genres of music. The cord is very high in quality and durability, with a special rubber coat that prevents tangles and is relatively cat proof. Definitely a recommendation if you have the cash.


I used to be all about the Skullcandy headphones, I still use them for on-the-go listening. But when it comes to listening to a record or listening to music for the sake of it, I swear by Grado Labs. They're a small operation in Brooklyn that's been around for about 60 years. The headphones are actually open-air vented, which creates a fantastic sound stage, but everyone will hear what you're listening to, even at low-ish volumes. And they do tend to get uncomfortable if you wear them for more than an hour. But the sound quality, in my opinion, makes up for those disadvantages.

I have a pair of SR 80's myself. https://s3.amazonaws.com/img.gawkerassets.com/img/17nnoeukjiulhjpg/original.jpg
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I have cheap ass 10$ ones that are earmuff style (I hate buds). They serve my purposes and sound great.


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I own a pair of Phillips X2s with a Schitt audio amp and a Soundblaster Z. For VOIP I have an Antlion Modmic for gaming, but I'm replacing it with a CAD U37 desktop microphone this weekend. I'm not sold on the open ear design and next time I'll grab a closed ear type.

Personally I'd recommend a Sennheiser 555 or 558 with a Soundblaster Z. You'll love it.

Edit: For behind the ear types, I can't say I have any recommendations -- though an over the ear type with a closed back will give you a nice and concise sound stage. There are quite a few of these that are light weight so you'll barely feel they're there.
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hahaha! Congrats on the new thread, dude!

I always get earbuds of some sort...which end up kicking the bucket within a few months or so. It sucks.

One of these days I'll buy a nice pair, I swear!


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Skullcandy headphones are shit, stay away from them.

I haven't actually been into headphones for a while now, since I don't commute via public transport any more, thus removing my need to have a good pair of cans. I still use my AKG K44s at home from time to time though, used em for years and haven't had a single issue. The sound quality is quite nice if a bit "airy", but I got em for really cheap ($20) so no complaints from me.

For gaming I have a pair of Astro A50s, though the poor things haven't been used in months since I stopped playing online games. Sound quality on these are fantastic, love the wireless convenience, but they are quite heavy and will hurt your head after a few hours of wear. I have the first version of them though, so maybe they've managed to improve the weight in version 2.

I don't think I've ever seen noise cancelling cans that go behind the head, to be honest. After a quick search, it looks like these are the only ones that match your criteria: http://www.head-fi.org/products/philips-shn5500-37-noise-canceling-behind-the-head-headphone


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I actually have a pair of Bose headphones that I bought for $190. It was so worth the money though since I am one of those people who always has their headphones in their ears.


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I don't currently own a pair of headphones - earbuds usually suit me just fine since I like to leave one out. (There's a staircase directly behind me when I'm at the computer, gives me a heart attack when people come up it if I can't hear them coming.)
But! My favorite artist is getting a headphone design that she came up with years ago manufactured. I remember seeing the first piece of concept art and thinking 'hey, that would be really cool!' but I never expected it to become reality! Since she's my favorite artist and I'm extremely excited for her, I preordered a pair. She got thousands of dollars in her kickstarter, so I have high hopes of them being quality! The cool part is that you can also use them as speakers! AND THEY GLOW. I'm seriously so pumped about these.
I also heard that the finished product will have a detachable gaming mic.


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I currently use Sony MDR-V6's. They're mid-line headphones, but they have an excellent price-to-quality ratio from what I can tell. They're constructed very well and sound great to me.

I want to get a pair of Audio Technica ATH-M40x's soon'ish.

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I have an old skullcandy headphone lying around that I bought ages ago http://onboardmag.com/news/terjes-skullcandy-pro-model-headphones.html#l8UwvBe2eAUELrtI.97,
basically it's just rotting away since I prefer earbuds, always have these pink little fellas in my pocket: http://deals.ebay.com/blog/audio-offer-2011-skullcandy-inkd-earbuds/
And yeah, skullcandy might not have the best sound quality but they are not to expensive and in my opinion have a good price-quality ratio and you can find them anywhere.
For gaming I use my Turtle Beach ear force P11 (I have the white version with blue accents), not to expensive but nice quality http://www.turtlebeach.com/product-detail/ps3-headsets/ear-force-p11/46


One thing, don't over pay for one. Like 300$ wont mean is super great. Its mostly over pay for that.

You can use your phone and try some at a shop if you can. But many are mostly base. On the come I don't have headphone, but on my phone I use a small one that go into the ears and its good. Ecko unltd. are good, but don't buy anything online. try them and see how they go and don't put 200$ + for a pair, its just over price to look like its great quality. It might be good, but its just too over price and you might never use them to its full potential.

Don't forget its for music and game on your com.


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I just use a Turtle Beach X12 headset I picked up for $60
It's lasted me about 3 years without any serious issues and they sounds nice enough
The mic is also pretty good


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I've got a gaming headset, but for general use I just use a pair of earbuds. These:

They're from Betron, a tiny company that nobody has ever heard of, but the sound quality is surprisingly awesome and they have a special 'Tangle Free' cable. If you put them in a jacket pocket, they won't tangle up.
Trouser pocket? Yeah, they will. But not as much as normal headphones and easier to untangle.


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Over the ear, even while working out. Got a shitty pair of logitechs that work wonderfully.


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These are what i wear (or wore) on the go and these are what i use at home on the PC. i hardly use the former because i don't have opportunity to use the damn things but i use the latter for gaming and music at home. Management won't let us wear headphones or buds at work anymore so i have to listen to my podcasts and stand-up comedy over speakers. Playing Louis CK has almost gotten me fired, let's see...five? Six times?

When you own a cat you learn to accept all cheap headphones.

That's why i have mesh cables for everything and i don't let anything dangle.

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Love my Sennheiser Game Zero personally, they're really comfy to wear all day and they sound great... they did make my wallet quite sad though :/
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I feel bad, I haven't touched my Turtle Beach X12s in a very long time, as I have a decent mic that came with my Sound Blaster Z soundcard. When I am home alone, I use speakers, and when my parents are home, I do not use the mic, so I just use the headphones I mentioned earlier in this thread.

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I own a pair of those, they're decent phones but a bit too neutral in my opinion, so I had to use EQ to make the sound more desireable to my tastes. Here's the EQ I use for my X2s, but it's similar to the one I used for the DT880s. http://i.imgur.com/R7wdh4i.png

It's quite distorted and I've been laughed at on audiophile forums, but I enjoy a bit of flavorful sound. On to the topic of amps, do the more fancy ones make any noticeable differences?

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I own a pair of those, they're decent phones but a bit too neutral in my opinion, so I had to use EQ to make the sound more desireable to my tastes. Here's the EQ I use for my X2s, but it's similar to the one I used for the DT880s. http://i.imgur.com/R7wdh4i.png

It's quite distorted and I've been laughed at on audiophile forums, but I enjoy a bit of flavorful sound. On to the topic of amps, do the more fancy ones make any noticeable differences?

They do; not so much that I'd say it's a necessity to have one, but enough to be noticeable for sure. I really like the M stage since it's one box, not too high in price, and provides plenty of power. There are cheaper alternatives that perform very well too though (used the schiit magni/modi for a while and they were very good). I haven't explored any of the much higher priced amps so I can't say what they're like.