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I own a pair of those, they're decent phones but a bit too neutral in my opinion, so I had to use EQ to make the sound more desireable to my tastes. Here's the EQ I use for my X2s, but it's similar to the one I used for the DT880s. http://i.imgur.com/R7wdh4i.png

It's quite distorted and I've been laughed at on audiophile forums, but I enjoy a bit of flavorful sound. On to the topic of amps, do the more fancy ones make any noticeable differences?

I actually prefer headphones to be neutral, so I can use my own EQ. That's why I want the M40's instead of the M50's.


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They do; not so much that I'd say it's a necessity to have one, but enough to be noticeable for sure. I really like the M stage since it's one box, not too high in price, and provides plenty of power. There are cheaper alternatives that perform very well too though (used the schiit magni/modi for a while and they were very good). I haven't explored any of the much higher priced amps so I can't say what they're like.
Thanks! I might upgrade to a more decent amp in the future to see what they're like.

I actually prefer headphones to be neutral, so I can use my own EQ. That's why I want the M40's instead of the M50's.
Yeah, my cans are plenty neutral but the EQ certainly helps to bring vibrancy and warmth to the sound rather than a more analytical approach. I certainly do like the closed back design of the M40s. I might add in foam inserts on my X2s to help trap some of the sound in to create a more concise and contained environment.

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I'm currently using a set of Audio-Technica ATH M50x. Seems well-regarded by the audio-geek set.

They replaced a 4-year-old pair of ATH WS55's that stopped working on one side during a road trip. I've since identified the problem as the headphone cord. Since the cans were still good, I soldered in a new one scavenged from an el-cheapo ($7) unboxed pair of "Polaroid" headphones from a blowout shop.

That is, after extensively combing through the available selection of low-end headphones in a variety of shops, and finding they all had the complication of in-line volume controls, single-cord design (the WS55's use a cord that splits to enter each can) or microphones for smartphone use ('cause like, dedicated audio players are so last-century). The place where I finally found a suitable cord donor was the last place I expected to find them (kind of like my search for a belt clip-equipped case for my n3DS XL).

Then, right before I was to perform the transplant, I knocked them off a shelf and broke the headband slider right at the swivel mount.

Fortunately I found that I could buy replacement parts from A-T's service center (the WS55 is still in production), so I went and ordered replacements the busted headband part, as well as the cord and earpads. For $17 in parts+shipping I returned an $85-$90 set of headphones to service.

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I have a cheap pair of Sentry headphones that I bought at Big Lots. (Just a cheap discount store) My main use is with my little MP3 player. I also use them as monitors for my cassette 4 track recorder. (Which I fucking hate) I plan on buying some nice outboard monitors later this year.



They might sound good with a phone, but if its for the com, you might not have the same stuff.

I have headphone that you put in your ears and on a old phone I got a great sound, but on my new one it wont be as loud. maybe another pair would be good, but I wont paid 200$+ for it. I try some but I never get as loud as on the old phone. Still I find the price to be high and maybe not that worth.

Now my replacement speakers don't have a plug for headphone, once I have money and I can find a new pair of speakers Altec Lansing I will buy them.


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Mostly- Skullcandy. My biggest problem though is that despite my ears looking small, a lot of over-ear styles don't go all the way over my ears. I'm not a huge fan of earbuds, but I'll use them. The downside is that most over-ear/studio style phones are expensive if you want decent sound AND something that lasts.


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I took a trip to the local Best Buy around here, they had kind of a sad selection, but still somehow a better one than any other stores. :neutral: So needless to say I just went to amazon and looked around at what y'all seemed to suggest. I think these sound like they're pretty good.. though I think I might bite at the white ones in order to save a few.


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Skullcandy Crushers, over-ear with adjustable bass slider - $99.99
Skullcandy Ink'd, earbuds, great quality and volume as well as durability - $20.00


I use Sony MDRMA100 Stereo headphones.

I've had them for 5 years and still think they're great. They only cost me £20, they give out a high quality sound and have a really long cable, so i can walk around my room without dragging my laptop with me.


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Sennheiser HD 280 pro's



Ordered a pair of Audio Technica ATH-AD700Xs today and gave the Samson SR850s to my mom since I didn't like the sound of them. I was hesitant to buy another pair of the AD series headphones, because my last pair back in 2012 started losing sound in the right channel within a month or two of use and I was barely rough with them. I mainly bought these for the amazing soundstage and 3D imaging. I hope they've improved the durability of the cable in this new version.


My Skullcandy HESH's look good and only ran a midrange price of around sixty dollars... that was at a Target store, mind you, but still, they sound great for what they are. They fit over my ears and I can not hear a darned thing when I have them on. They also don't make my ears all warm and sweaty, and the cushions are nice and soft. The cord is detachable, which I consider a plus. Overall, good sound quality and good build quality make them really good headphones, in my eyes.

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I've found that skullcandy's been making great quality headphones over the last couple of years. They might not be as nice as others out there, but They're affordable, sound great, and are very comfortable. I've been using a pair of their Slyr gaming headsets for about two years now and I can go hours without them bothering me and still sound great! I've also just got a pair of Crushers and I love the soul crushing bass you can get out of them. I Actually keep calling them soul crushers because of that. I also like how the cords on these headphones are designed to be removable and are easy to replace. I've had to throw away one or two good headphones because their cords went bad! That was the case with the old Crushers I had.


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I have a set of Bowers and Wilkins P5 Series 2 and i highly reccomend them they are incredible and not all that expensive ...


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I usually go over-the-ear and inexpensive for casual listening on the go. At home I use Afterglow headsets.


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Avoid Beats by default
Go for Bose or Sennheiser
Skullcandy are only good for their buds which are actually amazing


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I use two headphones at home.
First there is my Sony MDR XB700. They are huge, have a very strong base and are super comfortable. I got them for 40€ shortly after Sony stopped selling them instead of the regular 100€ or so. I keep these around for when I'm watching movies because they are so comfortable

And recently I bought the Teufel Aureol Real. Teufel is a German company, I don't think they sell their products in America. At least I couldn't find them on Amazon, they might be selling them under a different name. I have no idea.
Usually they are being sold for 100€, but I got them for 60€ on the Amazon Warehouse Deals. They are not as comfortable but very light, and the sound is extremely balanced and detailed. Teufel is generally known for making amazing products, they are just below Bose in terms of quality.

And it's true, Beats is crap. Like, complete and utter rubbish. They cost somewhere around 240€ but for the same amount you can get absolutely amazing headphones from Bose or Sennheiser. Beats is for posers who have no idea about good headphones and who just buy them because everyone else is buying them or because they fall for the advertisements.


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I'm more of a ear bud kind of person. But I like to listen to music when I walk around or I'm cleaning and the ear buds usually end up falling out. So I end up using my fiance's bulky headphones.


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I used to use a pair of Kensington Hi-Fi headphones, but they recently crapped out on me, so for now I'm stuck with a shitty pair of earbuds that came with my old phone.


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I used a pair of Logitech g35 for like..... 6 or 7 years until they were falling apart x3 i purchased them in my world of warcrack days and they worked absolutely incredibly. The 2 complaints i do have are the bulky size and the boom. The boom swing arm broke after a while and was always in the way. My next pair will have a detachable boom or a mic built in


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I've been a fan of Shure's IEMs for a fair while now. Currently I'm rocking a pair of SE535s running off of a Schiit brand Fulla mini DAC/AMP. I like it because it's very detailed and true to all genres, but also exceptionally portable. I also have a pair of SE110s and SE315s that are both in need of some repair.


I use Sennheiser HD 457s for recording, Urbanears Plattens at work, and Koss PortaPros for exercising and just doing stuff around the house. My next pair might be be Grado, but I haven't decided yet.

I used a pair of Logitech g35 for like..... 6 or 7 years until they were falling apart x3 i purchased them in my world of warcrack days and they worked absolutely incredibly. The 2 complaints i do have are the bulky size and the boom. The boom swing arm broke after a while and was always in the way. My next pair will have a detachable boom or a mic built in

Logitechs are underrated. When mine bit the dust I moved onto other things, but they were great while they lasted. Nice sig pic, btw!


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When I'm using my dying craptop I simply plug in my little iFrogz Ear Pollution buds. $10 and they give decent sound. Now if only the lappy could do the same. Oh well. I gave my dad a birthday/Christmas idea of a Nextbook Flexx 11.

But when I'm using my phone, however.. ho ho hoooo! I use my Jam Transit bluetooth wireless headphones! Not only are the great, the price is midrange, not cheap that'll break in a month, nor do they eat your whole paycheck. No buddy these only cost a mere $50! And they're better than the package says! They say the range is up to 30ft but I've gone well past 70ft, perhaps 100ft and a few brick walls before finally cutting out!