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Headshot Commissions! [$7]


New Member
Headshot Commissions for $7 USD!


I can draw anthro, feral or human(anime).
I cannot draw mech/non-organic.

  • Payment is through Paypal only in USD, and must come up-front before the commission is started.
  • Refunds are not available for completed work, but I'm willing to do minor alterations!
  • After you've accepted a completed commission from me, I chalk is off as a completed work and transaction. Please be sure you're satisfied, because I do not go back to edit/color/etc. old work.
  • You may resize, crop or color these sketches, but please do not edit in any other way.
  • You may repost your commissioned sketch. I appreciate if you credit and link back to my FA, DShain!
I anticipate completing sketches within 24 hours of accepting them!

Just comment below or send me a PM!

Please include your reference image and desired expression!