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Headshot trade

Xing Tian

Active Member
Hello anyone willing to look at my art trade, I've gotten slightly better at head shots and would like to trade for them headshot for headshot, I have 3 slots open to anyone that wants them as long as they have referrence for there character and there art


I would like to either get a headshot if my shy octopus wamu http://www.furaffinity.net/view/20350657/or my dragon girl meilynn

I will only colour your art if your willing to colour mine, if not then I will give you a sketch


This is a headshot with colour that I did

Xing Tian

Active Member
So then what would you like me to attempt to draw and do you want it as sketch or coloured XD you got a 50% chance that it will be good enough for a trade XD

Melissa Brink

Arielle, the winged arctic wolf <3
I'd be 100% up for an art trade of equal value :) I am pretty swamped with free art right now but art trades take priority!

Xing Tian

Active Member
She looks cute, want her coloured or sketched? These decision chooses if you draw my oc coloured or sketched too XD