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Free Art: Headshot Warm Ups

Hey guys its been a while I last drew. For warm ups to get myself back in the drawing game, I would greatly appreciate you letting me use your sona. I'll do as many as I can, and I do warn though they probably won't be all that good.

Ima have lunch can't wait to see what sonas await me when I get back :D

(This is completely free, though if you wanna leave a tip > https://ko-fi.com/endangeredmoxie)


Simply magical~ ✨
These are all female fursonas who represent different sides of my psyche! Solo 'em, group 'em, do whatever you can create~!

Thank you so much in advance! It is fun to see your style. ✨


Curious wolf
Maybe my girl interests you?


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Your Cantaloupine
Hi <3 I like what you did last time, feel free to pick out anyone who you vibe with


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Artist in the work
Hi there! Is this still open? I'd love it if you can maybe draw my friend's new sona? It's his first sona and I want to get as many pics as I can for him as gifts. Appreciate it if you do! Here's a pic of his sona. He's a bear if it helps ya make it more "accurate"



A Simply Stoned Bunny Babe