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Heaps of art references, reasources,tips, and guides


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I didn't know whether to post this in the links section or not. I wanted to start a thread putting together a lot of references and guides. So I am going to include some of the stuff I have found and if anyone else finds anything worth contributing, post a comment with the link or your ideas.

One thing that has helped me quite a bit is checking out my local zoos facebook page. They have alot of really cool images that I can use to learn from.

gumroad.com: Reference- Skull, Cars, Motorcycles, some poses
These are 100+ pictures of vehicles and Skulls and a few figma poses. No money necessary however all money accumulated is going toward the next PDF, one more focused on poses. (Holly Brown)

gumroad.com: Pose book boi
(Holly Brown) Pose Book Refrences

ladylombax.deviantart.com: HUGE Anatomy Resource Pack
This pack includes:
-Surface, muscular, and skeletal references for almost every part of the human body
-Well organized images collected from Google Images and other resource websites of each part of the body
-Human variation references (body types, face types, etc.)
-Compilation pages (in pdf and Pages file type) of the images made specifically for printing and tracing/studying
(Note: the folders still contain the original images used in the compilations if you want those instead)

senshistock.deviantart.com: 50 Hand Challenge Pack - 244 Hand References
50 Hand Challenge Pack - 244 Hand References :Created by SenshiStock on DeviantArt (just check out the rules)

Rodgon the artist
www.youtube.com: RODGON THE ARTIST
For all you artists out there that are learning, or lost, or want to just look at some cool art. This channel is for you!
Challenges, Tutorials and life lessons from my life as an artist.
I found the following videos from him to be very helpful

Draw with jazza
www.youtube.com: Draw with Jazza
join me for new content every week, like tutorials, speedpaintings, streams, competitions and more

This playlist of his in particular has been a huge help
How to Draw - YouTube

And for now that's it. I hope this has helped someone.
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A quality thread to be sure.
I'll be contributing to this semi-regularly. For now, I'm going to post a photo reference source I shared in a different thread a few days ago.

(Nude figures so it is NSFW)


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www.reddit.com: The Big Art PDF Backpack! • r/learnart

This includes

  1. Figure Drawing for All – Andrew Loomis
  2. Drawing the Head and Hands – Andrew Loomis
  3. Dynamic Figure Drawing – Burne Hogarth
  4. Mastering Drawing the Human Figure – Jack Faragasso
  5. Figure Drawing Design and Invention – Michael Hampton
  6. The Natural Way To Draw – Kimon Nicolaides
  7. Anatomy for Fantasy Artists – Glenn Fabry
  8. Animal Anatomy for Artists – Elliot Goldfinger
  9. * Art Models Life Nudes (nude and clothed) For Drawing, Painting, and Sculpting – Maureen and Douglas Johnson
  10. * Atlas of Human Anatomy for the Artist – Stephen Rogers Peck
  11. * FORCE Animal Drawing - Michael D. Mattesi
  12. * FORCE The Key to Capturing Life Through Drawing - Michael D. Mattesi
  13. * FORCE Dynamic Life Drawing For Animators - Michael D. Mattesi
  14. Gesture Drawing for Animation - Walt Stanchfield
  15. Lessons from Michelangelo - Michael Burban
  16. * Anatomy for the Artist - Sarah Simblet
  17. The Book of A Hundred Hands - George B. Bridgman
  18. The Illusion of Life: Disney Animation - Frank Thomas and Ollie Johnston
  19. Action Anatomy: For Gamers, Animators, and Digital Artists - Takashi Iijima
  20. * Advanced Animation - Preston Blair
  21. Animating with Stop Motion Pro - Mark Sawicki
  22. Animation From Pencils To Pixels - Tony White
  23. Animation: The Mechanics of Motion - Chris Webster
  24. Animation Writing and Development: From Script Development to Pitch - Jean Ann Wright
  25. * Cartoon Animation - Preston Blair
  26. Character Animation: 2D Skills for Better 3D - Steve Roberts
  27. How To Make Animated Films - Tony White
  28. Hybrid Animation: Integrating 2D and 3D Assets - Tina O'Hailey
  29. * The Animator's Survival Kit - Richard Williams
  30. Stop Motion: Passion, Process, and Performance - Barry J.C Purves
  31. The Advanced Art of Stop-Motion Animation - Ken A. Priebe
  32. Thinking Animation: Bridging the Gap Between 2D and CG - Angie Jones and Jamie Oliff
  33. Timing for Animation - Harold Whitaker and John Halas ( Compiled HTML Help File )
  34. 3Ds Max: 3D Enviornment Lighting - Multiple Artists listed in each chapter
  35. Character Modeling - Cedric Seaut
  36. Digital Art Masters - Tom Greenway, Chris Perrins, Richard Tillbury, and Ben Barnes
  37. The Digital Artist's Survival Guide - Ian Dean
  38. Mastering 2D and 3D art - Les Pardew and Don Seegmiller
  39. The Complete Guide to Digital Painting - April Madden
  40. Creative Illustration - Andrew Loomis
  41. * Fun with a Pencil - Andrew Loomis
  42. Successful Drawing - Andrew Loomis
  43. * Action Cartooning - Ben Caldwell
  44. * FORCE Character Design from Life Drawing - Michael D. Mattesi
  45. * Perspective Drawing Handbook - Joseph D'Amelio
  46. * Cartooning the Head and Figure - Jack Hamm
  47. How To Draw Cars Fast and Easy - Tim Rudgendyke and Andy Cheung
  48. Blouses, Skirts, and Pants Style Book - Unknown
  49. * Brad Bird on how to Compose Shots For Storyboard and Layout Artists - Brad Bird
  50. Contemporary Fashion Illustration Techniques - Unknown
  51. Fashion Illustrator - Bethan Morris
  52. Fashion Drawing - John Hopkins
  53. Magical World Builder's Guide - Stephanie Cottrell Bryant
  54. * Making Comics - Scott McCloud
  55. * Understanding Comics - Scott McCloud
  56. * Techniques for Cartooning - Unknown Author
  57. Eye Of The Painter - Andrew Loomis
  58. Chinese Watercolor Techniques: For Exquisite Flowers - Lian Quan Zhen
  59. Easy Watercolor: Learn to Express Yourself - Marcia Moses
  60. Oil Painting: For Dummies - Anita Giddings and Sherry Stone Clifton
  61. * Watercolor Workshop - Glynis Barnes-Mellish

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This one does cost money but its really helpful (Price 3.00 USD)
Jazza’s Arty Games! (PC App) | Jazza Studios

Jazza’s ARTY GAMES is a fun tool you can use to accompany your drawing sessions to practice with, challenge yourself, and most of all, have fun with your art!

The ARTY GAMES app features:
– Multiple Profiles (each with materials and game/app settings)
– Single Play Mode with 8 fun game options (Time limit optional)
– Arty Party Mode for Rapid-Fire Art Challenges!

In Single Play Mode you can play with or without a time limit and challenge yourself with one of eight fun idea generation and art practice games.


This mode is great to challenge yourself in, or play with a group of friends. Simply select the number of challenges you want to play and the level of intensity – (be warned, ‘Intense’ is named that for a reason!), and after you pick the games you want to be included, hit GO and get ready for a mashup of insane challenges that will test the skill of even the most experienced artists.


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