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Hello! Again....


Staff Sargent
Heya I'm just saying high a second time around. Due to many circumstances beyond my control (school,parents,weather/acts of god) I haven't been here in many months :( Thankfully now I'm back and I can finally get into all the community goodness I've been missing and even submit some music :O

Thanks for all the hellos and welcomes in advance :)


back'n up back'n up
Hey, welcome back to the party.:cool:


welcome back dusty ^_^

The Grey One

New Zealand Scot
Hey there and welcome to FAF :D


Welcome back to the forums Dusty, hope you have fun.

â„¢-Daley Leungsangnam475-â„¢

Red 'n' White Scouse Gamon ^_^
welcome back ^^