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Hello all ♡


Hello! (3

My name is Lusti/LT, I'm 18 and a new-ish furry artist. I thought trying to know the community more would be neat!
I have always been intrigued by furry art and such, so more recently I decided to give it a go. Plus It's pretty fun to draw.
I'm a bit shy with meeting others, so excuse me if I'm not great with communication. But I'd be glad to make some new friends!

My main character is Bea, a furry sheep. However my actual persona is a white dwarf hamster.
I really love pastel/goth/cutesy art, so that's usually what I tend to be drawn towards. However I do like drawing more darker/different scenery sometimes.
I also only/mostly draw men, cause they're hot- But I do like drawing new things now and again.

So...nice to meet you all! Sorry, I tend to ramble.
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Matt the Terrier

Woofs! Wiggles! Wins!
*Terrier noises*
*comes over to see if you smell like food*
*sits like a good boi*

Matt the Terrier

Woofs! Wiggles! Wins!
That's okay! ^ w ^