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Hello all!


A Snarky Shark?
I won't lie I'm not even certain of everything to say in this intro; as the lexicon that the community tends to use has diverged greatly since I was last a part of it and even now a lot of words can't seem to hold onto a single meaning.

I was a part of the community for years, but a long time ago I walked away due to furry fandom drama. I wasn't even directly apart of it but it tends to splash onto everyone near enough to the source when it happens. Well this year I went to Furnal Equinox with some friends and found that not only did I miss the community but I really missed my 'sona.
So I have decided I wish to try once more and if it doesn't work out well...then it will be what it is.

I'm a shark who likes to make friends, chat, live the casual life. I don't know what term would classify my age, as some person say greyback but for 99% of the world that slang has really poor meanings so....let's say I'm older than young and younger than old.

No matter how many intro threads I read I still don't know everything I should say; I write, my preferred system is the PS4, I liked the Justice League movie...anything else just ask.


Welcome back, somewhat new here but I can see that dramas still exist, unlucky :/

I guess you could just establish your circle of friends and enjoy the calmer media and cons that way. Participating entirely in the fandom is not the only way to enjoy anthro stuff. Don't let that kill your passions ^^