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Hello British fox here :)


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Good morning, Afternoon, Evening etc..

Alot of you know me but I introduce myself to those that don't :)

My name is DiegoWolfFox and I am all the way from the South Coast of the UK!

I do alot of fursuiting and I been fursuiting since 2002. At the moment I currently own Two.. and I got another Two getting built for me and should be finished this year indeed.. I currently have Two wonderful chritters that I proudly own.. One of them is named MustainePhoxx. And the other suit I have is called Grey_Wolf.

I am also a musician and I been in afew UK thrash metal bands as a lead guitarist, and attended one Battle of the bands indeed. Also I produce music too when I have the time to myself.

Other things I enjoy going to some furry cons and in 2010 I be hopefully going to FWA in Atalanta.. But if not then AC in Pittsburgh is deffinate indeed.. I be attending RBW this year somewhere in London in October and I can't wait indeed as it will be fun.

I have been in the furry fandom since 1999 and I feel so old being a furry now due to the amount of years I been a furry.. I got three fursona characters.. And that is a Fox known as DiegoWolfFox and a Folf named DiegoWolfFox also.. And a coyote named Yote-Mustaine.

Can I say that I am mighty glad that I registered here indeed.. I got my FA page so I thought I join the forum too and have a sniff around.. I be looking foreward to meeting some new furs here indeed :)

Doctor Timewolf

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Hello from the States!


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Welcome in F.A.F., hope you'll enjoy the stay! ^^


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Ah, A brit! I'm a bit of a anglophile, so ... well.. welcome!