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Hello buddies!


Professional Nibbler
Welcome! How's the weather up there in maned wolf town? I hope you have a good time here!


Friendly Maned Fox + Phoenix
Hello and welcome to the forums!

Oh, a maned wolf! My friend @Fcomega121 is also a maned wolf, although he's transformed into a skunk right now, haha!
*/Summon Maned_wolf {CustomName=Fcomega121}*

*Is summoned*

Thank you silo for mentioning me! UwU

Heey! @Palybuddi!
Indeed! I'm a maned wolf! Tho I prefer to call myself "maned fox" or "aguará guazú"!... Aaand I'm a spotted skunk right now XD

Welcome to the forums! I'm glad to met another maned wolf here! ;3
Now we are 2! you and me as far I know! ^w^

This is how I do look normally!:
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Just a fox.
Ahhh, I love maned wolves. Those long legs!

Welcome! Glad to have you here! The forum games is where a lot of people tend to hang out; it's fast paced and silly, and is a great icebreaker if you're shy (like me!).

If you ever want to chat or if you have any questions, please feel free to message me.