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Hello everyone OwO


Don´t mind me.
So, I have no idea how to introduce myself :D
I´m new around here, heard from this side on deviantart a lot and I thougt lets give it a shot and sign up.
So, here I am, exited and curious of whats expecting me.
I am 15 years old and from Germany so I hope my grammar and everything is not as bad as I think it is x3
I am kinda nervous, ´cause I don´t know anyone around here...so I´m looking forward to get to know some people...

That´s it <3
Have a nice day!​



Welcome. Enjoy. Play. Have fun. I
'm sure the other Germans will let you in their nest....


Hey, welcome to the forums!

If you don't mind me asking, where in Germany are you from? One of my roomates is currently in Dusseldorf, trying to learn the language. He says he loves it there.

Also, do you have a fursona yet?


Welcome to the forums! Glad to have some diversity here :3 Hello from sunny, way too hot Georgia! Your grammar is fine, and that's coming from an English major, so no worries :) Feel free to chat with us on the forums! Looking forward to seeing you around and getting to know you ^^
Gutan tag ich heiße deu- not really sorry I just know a bit of German.
Welcome to the forums! Don't worry about not knowing anyone , I had no idea any of these people existed until I started lurking around here.

Edit: is ich heße I am or I am called?


Don´t mind me.
I'm from Hessen, but a big part of my family is living in Düsseldorf. Your roomate is right, it is pretty nice there :)
And no, I don't have a fursona yet...

Thank you very much for your kind words <3

ich bin aus Hessen :D
nicht viel und bei dir so ? Yay jemand kann deutsch c:

Thank you I hope I get to know some people here :3
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