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Hello everyone what do you think of this site for getting commissions ?


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I dont know if the site is any good, never used it. But many sites use that kind of transfer method (da, patreon, society6, redbubble, etsy, etc), sometimes automatically and sometimes at a time of your choosing. It is not against any paypal rules.

These types of sites almost always take a fee on top of the fee paypal takes though, so dont forget to find out how much and factor that in.


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Definitely a fuck no. Tracing people like fireflies to a use a new site to help them find something their looking for seems like working harder then being smarter. 10/10 times I find the people I want to commission on here by not looking for them.

Commissioning people is a professional transaction and one that is based on a level of friendship, respect and kindness. Adding a 3rd middle man of the online yellow pages feels more a bland big brother hassle. I'd rather use what I have now then use 3rd party "pay for recommendations" butler shit because I already know the professionals on here and prefer talent and professionalism wise.