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Hello Everyone!!! Why Not Spark Up a Convo w/ Me???


New Member
~Hello FA Forums!!~ OwO

My name is NerdyBirdieGirl(here on the Forums and everywhere else on FA), and I am here to introduce myself to Fur Affinity and make some friends!
Here's a few things you should know about me!:

-I myself do not own/wear a fursuit!
-I DO have a Fursona, though, and her name is Athena!
-I am a fan of Villainous(TV show), Undertale(Game), and OFF(Game)!
-I do draw Gore(and NFSW sometimes), but most Gore I draw is either Pastel-Gore, Neon-Gore, or Candy-Gore/Guro! I draw soft NSFW(AKA more cleavage than usual/only slightly-covered nudity)

If any of your interests match mine, why not spark up a conversation with me? I really wanna meet some people on this site and want to make some art partners who would want to do really fun things like ATs(Art Trades) and to talk to!

~Alright, have a nice day! Bye-bye!~