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hello everyone!!!


major bookworm
I just want to start off by saying hello and its a pleasure to meet you.
Sona's name is Neo Watanabe and my name is Alberto (i know its a kinda funny name)
My hobbies are reading manga, listen to japnese music, and watching japanese livr action shows.
I was introduced to the fur community by a friend and found it kinda cool.
So my sona is a dragonite. I chose to be one since its like me: quiet and gentle. But when i get angry, you better watch out!
So i guess thats all i have to say about myself.


Drunken Irish Snow Leopard
*throws Pokéball* Damn it broke free... Welcome to the forums!!!! *offers some cider and cake with a pokéball hidden inside it*

Mikazuki Marazhu

I hate you all
I have a huge thing for dragonite.
*finds a masterball*

Don't tell Garth I'm secretly fapping to his dragonite that he gave me.


Snake awakens
Well look who it is :p

Welcome to FAF. It's pretty cool in here.