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Hello everyone!


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Hi there! I'm Nyashia, a striped lioness or wolf from Austria! English is just a second language for me, so please forgive me my mistakes.

To begin with, I made a little mistake on my registration. ^^' I couldn't remember that I've already made an account here way back in 2010. I thought that it had to be someone else's account so I created a new one. When I logged in to my email account for the confirmation email, I did a search for all the mails from Fur Affinity and there was it - the old confirmation email from 2010. So it was indeed my own account. ^^ I'd like to use this one now, the other one can be deleted. Sorry for the inconvenience. Who is the most active admin on here, who could help me with that?

Now a little more to myself. I am an artist, preferably feral animals and nature backgrounds. Here's a link to my FA gallery, if you're interested: Userpage of nyashia -- Fur Affinity [dot] net
I've been a furry since 2008, but my love for anthropomorphic creatures started when I was 6 years old. I am a big Lion King fan. :3

Over the past months I have been reading the Art Discussions board, which I find very interesting and helpful sometimes. You rarely see that on other websites. So you'll probably see me posting there more often. ^^

Any more questions? Feel free to ask!


Hello and welcome to the forums! Your art is gorgeous as well. Hope you have a good time here


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Welcome to the forum, love.

Hope you enjoy your stay!


Definitely not a lizard
Herzlich Willkommen o/ ! (I hope that my german isn't too rusty ^^)
I hope you'll enjoy your stay in the forums!