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Hello fellow furs!

Hi! My Fursona's name is Aharkira Nighthawk, but I prefur(?) to be called Kira.
I'm still fairly new to the Furry fandom, so I would be glad to accept any pointers.
My Fursona is a Jumbee - an evil spirit that chose to stay behind and wreak havoc among living. I personalized her to be a Wolgon (Wolf/Dragon hybrid) of sorts, since I really love dragons and dogs. Her personality reflects mine to a certain degree, but she mostly reflects what I wish I could be in personality and appearance.
Currently I am working on making a Fursuit of her. I am a very avid 'young artist', too.
Anyway, enough of my ramble. If you see me around the forum, don't hesitate to say hi!

bite meh


How you doing
Heyy, welcome to the fandom, im fairly new here too, you can just call me Nax, Cyber Shark at your service, most people here are very friendly, and like to share stuff, so feel free to explore the forum as you like


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Welcome! Have a cookie!

I'd love to try my hand at fursuiting, but that would require me to go out in wear it for stuff and I'm pretty shy.


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Hey, hello!

Hope you don't intend to start wolfin' down any of us, draggin' us to our doom!

If you do, make sure you eat the foxes!

We've got an inexhaustible supply of those slutty rakes, after all!