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Hello from a Fox


New Member
Hello everyone who comes across this thread. I'm DawningFox. I only recently found this site and I hope people are nice to a very shy Fur. I love to draw, write a little, play games sometimes, and read a lot. I'm shy like I stated, but hopefully I'll conquer my shyness and talk to you all. Well see you all later and hope to chat to you all in the future.


Salutations, and welcome to the forums!

A fennec fox, I see? Still not quite as slutty as a red fox, yet still, we should all watch out! :V

:)V is an indication for sarcasm.)


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Ah yes, not as slutty as a red fox, but we fennec foxes make up for it for being small, cute, and having giant ears. :V

Car Fox

Formally "Torsion Beam"
Welcome, my fellow fox! Hope to see good things. I see we already got started on slut-fox talk, Zabrina. :V

Why not give the "Art Shack" a look. Many drawers go there for general art disscussion, and help in the "Tutorials & Critiques" sub-section.

Read the rules if you haven't, and enjoy your stay.


Has left FAF, at least for now
Hello fellow fox! First thing to keep in mind is that FAF is pretty sarcastic and cam be rough with new users...but if you roll with it eventually you'll fit right in. Also remember if anyone gives you cap here there will be others that'll have your back! I too had to overcome my shyness. See you around. :)And hmph at Zabrina, she's just jealous of our foxiness. ;)


The Arcane Sage
Welcome and don't let them get to you. they always are like this. it is fun and flavorfull.
So you like to read? Boy have I got some books for you! Just kidding. I write books and stories and paint and draw.
Have fun!


I love, love, love, love, love fennecs. They're so cute and the big ears...

Anyways welcome! Be sure to read the rules and all that other shit.


New Member
Welcome to the forum! I'm new and quite shy too, but after taking a look around, I think one develops a pretty thick skin after sticking around for a while. :)