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Hello from Austin Texas!


Hello! I'm from the great city of Austin Texas! The rest of Texas is up for debate. Dallas is okay.
I don't have a fursona yet, I'm still designing her. I know that she will be some sort of furry monster.
I like smoking, drawing, writing, and training dogs. I'm in the process of becoming a dog groomer.
I have a roleplay website that I just created that has a slight focus on S/M! I'ts moving over from Gaia Online and its been very active and very enjoyable in the past. I'm impressed with how well things are going.
You can find a link to it in my signature!
But here is one just in case!


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Hai ~
I'm Mikhal and I welcome you to FAF :>

I hope you read the rules and if So, have lots of fun around us :>
(also: you'll see quite a lot of these :V smileys. They are related to sarcastic/playful tone-of-voice comments :>


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Welcome to FAF! I've heard Austin is very nice, as opposed to Houston and some other Texas cities. Enjoy your time and respect the Otters.

Car Fox

Formally "Torsion Beam"
Welcome aboard. The only reason I know where Austin is on a map is because the Circuit of the Americas is there. :(

Try not to be hypnotised by otters, they like to convert people as a part of their fiendish plan. They should be respected though.