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Hello from belgium !


The eternal lost one
Hey ! My username in most of website is Kaskrane, you can call me Kas if we ever do voc on discord or something !
I am 21 years old, student who want to learn more about music and singing, this is why I am planning to take class in 2019.

I like playing video games, talking to people, writing a bit, doing LARPs and paper RPG and being lazy

I am not new to the furry community, I've had an account for multiples years on FurAffinity but never quite talk to a lot of people there. I enjoy the drawings, the fandom and some people that I've met on discord. I do some RP from time to time with my OC or just a character that I create just for the RP.
I like all kinds of character, cute, "dark", with all sorts of design or personnality ! I found that it can make a lot of difference depending on wich character you play and wich person that you are. Because in every character that we create of enrole we put a little bit of ourselves in it.

I've had multiple fursona, but I am going to talk about my two "favorite" without going into detail because for a presentation this post is almost too long.

The first is a cat named Schrodinger (wich is not original, I know) It is my first fursona, he is playfull, like to jokes by playing with words. He can be very annoying at times but he just want to cheer people around him. He can be very timid if he is place at an uncomfortable moment.

The second one is a dragon named Kaskrane (I didn't looked very far to name this one) He is also joyfull but he is more introvert than Schrodinger. he does not speak that much when he is around stranger but when he is with persons he trust he have no problem talking about a bit of everything. He is easy to live with, a bit lazy at time but will do his best if it's for someone else.

Thank you for reading ! Sorry for all the error that I have made in this post, I am not entirely fluent in english ^^"
If you have any question, don't hesitate to tell me here or in private :3


Å nei, cringe
Ooo, yet another Eurotrash! :D

Welcome to the forum, mate.

Hope you enjoy your stay here.


aka Cutter Cat
Hello from Memphis, Tennessee, USA.:)


The eternal lost one
Hello, from England. ;D
Hey ! I love england, my sister lives in Bristol :3

Ooo, yet another Eurotrash! :D

Welcome to the forum, mate.

Hope you enjoy your stay here.

I am the perfection of Eurotrash if you please ! :'3

Greetings from Scotland.
Relax and enjoy yourself.:)
Thanks ! I try to find where to post, still figuring out the forum :'3

Hello from Memphis, Tennessee, USA.:)
Thanks ! Is it good in Tennesse ? :3

Hello and welcome
Thank you for the welcomming !
Hello and welcome!!:D
Also thank you for the welcoming !
Hello from Germany:D
Thanks ! Germany it is ? It seems like a cool country, I want to visit it someday ^^