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Hello from the most generic fox you'll ever meet


the most generic fox
Hey, I'm Ash.
I'm from the United States, I go by they/them, I'm 23, and I work as a copywriter.
Though I've been in the furry game for a few years, I remade my account and am trying something new. I'm shy and a little foolish, but I'm trying to reach out to others in the fandom and meet people. My favorite movies are Summer Wars, When Marnie was There, and Bolt, and my favorite book is James Rollins' Amazonia.
I live on a farm and raise chickens, and someday I'd like to actually grow something green. My black thumb is famous.
Honestly the easiest way to be friendly with me is to tell me fun facts. No joke, I love learning new things about any sfw subject. (To be more specific, I love learning virology in my spare time, but anything will do.)
I have a webcomic in the works, my fursona is a kitsune, I'm a serial character hoarder, and my furaffinity is Moonlit_Afterdark.

My dream vacation is to go to Yellowstone National Park, and I hate the cold.

*jazz hands* Like I said, generic.


The new Sora has come!
Hiya! and welcome to the forums! a greetings of a fox to another :3
and guess what? im a kitsune aswell X3
i hope you enjoy your stay and if ya wanna meet someone! you can always message me! im always avaiable! and i know your pain! i hate the cold tooo >-<
so for now! have fun here! :3


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Hey I hear the Arctic is a good vacation spot for those who hate the cold.

Hello and welcome to the forums!


the most generic fox
Hey I hear the Arctic is a good vacation spot for those who hate the cold.

Hello and welcome to the forums!

Haha gee, thanks, I'll keep that in mind. thank you! I think I'll keep myself firmly below the arctic circle and scream at every snowflake from the comfort of the heated indoors.

And thank you to everyone for welcoming me.


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Greetings! Hope ya have fun here!

Also, you should meet @Ravofox : He has a terminal case of Jazz Hands :p