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Uh, yeah! HEYO!! I am almost compltely new here. I have been a fan of art for a while, but I was only just introduced to this Saturday. I met some fursuiters at hamacon and they were so nice and awesome, and suggested me to here! So yeah! :3 I am actually here because I want a partial suit to purchase. Halp?? :p


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Welcome caebon hope you have a wonderful stay here cookies are at the table *points*


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Hey there, Caebon.

If you're looking for suit stuff you can look in the Costume and Apparel board. Also, search on FA itself for suit makers looking for commissions.

Glad you decided to pop in. Hope ya have fun. :)


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I am so excited to be delving more into the community. Fun fact about me, making people smile makes me cry every time. It is why I have made this character. I want to be here and be the most huggable ball of fur this planet has to see :3 i am so thankful for the welcome, i blush~ i just need some furry friends irl now. You guys already have me excited x3 go furries!


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Oh dear god there's still time you haven't been infected yet run run as fast as you can and don't look back.