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Hello Furums


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Hi I'm new, convinced to check out this fandom by someone I really like. I'm more of a writer but I've been trying my hand at drawing some. Check em out.

My fursona is a rat. Not into yiff. I'm currently practicing emotions right now with art, particularly with orc faces, since I just like orcs alot. I am a steampunk and I'm working on building my own version of a steampunk computer mouse, though I'm not working right now which could be a problem. I am an avid shuffler (melbourne shuffle) and I like to rap occasionally. Hope that covered atleast some of who I am, and hopefully I can find out more about this place. ;)
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Admurrable Admurral
Welcome, this place is interesting in the best way.
Maybe not the best way, but close.
Anyways, I like coffee, there something about me. (I hate commercial coffees)
Like Nabob is kaka.


Welcome home. Unfortunately theres tons of yiffing going on all the time.
you have been warned.

Catilda Lily

May all your bacon burn.
hello and welcome :3


Angry Otter
Oh my god, kill it, it said "fur"ums.

Now that I got that out of my system, welcome to the forums. Don't worry; despite what the others say, it's not at all difficult to fit in without tripping over yiff every five seconds.