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Hello hello!


Pokemon Biologist
Hi all!

My name is sherlockwolf, I'm just getting started in the fandom though I've been toeing the sidelines for years.
IRL I'm a wildlife conservationist so if y'all ever have any juicy sciencey questions about animals send them my way! I'm also a huge nerd about everything (Marvel, Star Wars/Trek, LOTR, Anime, on and on) and am currently working on a fantasy novel.
Pronouns are they/them, though I'm not one of those people who gets upset if you use other ones to refer to me!
Definitely here to have a good time and make friends in the fandom.


<3 Sherlockwolf


Totally not a vampire
Hello and welcome! I'm working on a fantasy novel too... but it's slow going, of course. Best of luck to you! ;)


Finally comfortable in my fur!
Welcome, ^v^ its good to see that the furry 'nerd herd' is getting more vast and vibrant ^v^ You will fit right in ^v^!

Oh man Ive tried to write stories XD Though I usually get caught up with the illustrations, then forget the idea XD!


The Reverend Blue Moon Bear
Well hello there! I hope your writing goes well!

Matt the Terrier

Swing the Mood! =3
(pounces on you)
Hello there! I hope you'll enjoy your stay! :3


Pokemon Biologist
Hi there!

My question is: Could you train an army of Rodents to carry out hyper evil acts of destruction...........Hypothetically!?

Either way, hope you like it here!
Sorry it took me so long to reply! Depending on the rodent, yes! I recommend rats because they are the smartest and enjoy being agents of chaos.