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Hello, Hoping to fit in


New Member
My name is Michael, and my fursona is a hybrid of a wolf and a dragon named Krayvor. Came here hoping to find some friends and people with similar interests as me. Im a gamer at heart, spending alot of time playing on PS3 or doing a little bit of programming since i went to school for computers. Right now there really isn't much to tell about myself in the introduction, but please feel free to message me if you want to know more.


Welcome! Everyone is pretty friendly here, you should have no trouble finding common interests. There are threads for just about everything.

hey look a train!

mercenary, hunter killer
oooohhh, you kinda split the atom with me at PS3... but ill cope barely... but hey dont worry about fitting in it is just gonna happen ~,..,0



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Welcome, great group of people on the forums here. I also must recommend the forum games they are quite fun and addictive. Hope you enjoy your time here.


Welcome in the forum new comrade
Wanna have an snack
And enjoy our feelings