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Hello! im a FranzMerz!!!!


New Member
I'm here to socialize. I think I will find like-minded people here. Plus I want to do my own art, I can't paint pictures just for myself. I need an outside perspective! It's also just interesting to talk to people.

Oh and I don't understand what I can do on this forum at all.


Joy Boi
Hello! Welcome here, Im sure you'll find loads of awesome people you like to interact with I can't wait to see you around :3


Just a fox.
Hello there and welcome to the forums!

We're a friendly bunch so if you have any questions, just ask. The Games section is a really great place to meet people and have some fun. And the Art section is great for critiques and inspiration! I hope you meet a lot of good friends here and have a lot of fun. If you want to chat or have questions, feel free to PM me. Welcome again!