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Hello, I'm Fackle & I'm New!!


Beginner Artist
Howdy! Welcome to the fandom! I hope you will enjoy your stay here and make lots of new friends ^ ^


Joy Boi
My pronouns are she/they and I joined the Furry Fandom only yesterday. My Fursona's name is Fackle and he's a cat/dragon hybrid. I look forward to meeting you all ^^

(Sidenote: I can be somewhat awkward.)
Hey hey! Welcome to the fandom!

It's alright to be awkward, pretty much all of us are, just dont be shy about expressing yourself! If ya ever need anything dont be afraid to reach out! :3


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Hello, I'm new to the furry scene as well. Been in denial most of my life and only recently reolized that life is passing me by and that I was tired of being alone among friends. I myself am hoping to find a place in the furry community to be my wild quirky self which is totally opposite of my normally shy and self-conscientious personality. So, I too wish to welcome you to the community, even if I am a newb.