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Hello, im here to join the ranks of the thousands of foxes :)

Hello all! So, I'm still very new to the furry fandom, been in about 2 months or so? So I'm trying to find some friends and have some fun in this furry world haha.

I live in Knoxville TN (fairly recently moved here actually), so if there are any of you in Knox let me know!
I don't have much to say of myself so ill just share how I came to my realization I guess haha. I have been a big anime fan for the longest time and last year finally went to my first con (in a umbreon hoodie with ears and a tail, I didn't think much of it at the time haha). And at this con I met a fursuiter, I thought it was just a sort of made up cosplay and I really liked it, it looked fun. So a year later, I'm sitting in my room trying to figure out what I could do next year for the con. I decide maybe a simple fox ears and a tail since I thought it would be simple and still sorta cool/cute for the con. One site went to the other and I discovered the fursuits. I thought "wow, if I had the money I would love to be just a random fox at a convention". Then I saw who mainly used fursuits... furries. The sex addicts I used to hear about on the news who liked certain activities with animals.. at this point I was worried about myself thinking I must be some really messed up dude. One of my life lessons though is to always do personal research when you want the truth instead of just believing what you hear, so I decided to look into it myself. Between forums and videos on YouTube (a lot of them containing "uncle Kage" whom I owe my thanks for showing me the real side of the furry fandom) I discovered a strange thing... it reminded me of how anime fans are in a way. Whenever I looked at con videos it showed an amazing almost mirror reflection of the anime cons I went to. I was relieved and happy that I discovered this part of me and discovered the fandom as a whole.

As to why I decided to be a fox? Well I did always love them, and I even have a tattoo of one I had gotten a long while before my discovery. I think ill even use it as a reference for a fursuit if I get one one day. It will just be a partial though because I'm for the most part usually broke haha.

Oh and I plan on going to a con called Fang con here in Knoxville. I have yet to make friends here and past experience has told me going to cons alone where still fun kinda has some lonesome and boring moments in it, so if anyone is either close by or also going to the con I would love to hang with them :)

I hope to meet many friends on this new chapter in my life.


Oi, Aoi! Nice to meet you. Make yourself at home, read the stickies, and don't feed the trolls! They're literally everywhere.

But so are cyber-hugs, if you want those as well.


Schrodinger's Drunk
Quite a story man! Welcome to the Forums!
Hit up that rules page when you get a chance and have a great time.


Still Sleepy
Hey there! Welcome to here!
I'm glad that you are smart enough to think critically and form your own opinions. I really love the furry fandom too. It is imaginitive, fun. I've been interested in it for years now, but recently made an account here. I hope you enjoy yourself a lot.
@Benji, I'm always down for some cyber hugs haha.

@Feyleaf, As Kage put it (roughly), the furry fandom is filled with amazingly creative and imaginative people. I consider myself kinda as the least creative in the furry fandom (probably anime too) and I just love seeing all the amazing and great things that come from it. I love seeing all the different and unique fursonas and the designs and fursuit that go with them. Each one is its own creation unique to itself. And as someone with not much of that kind of creative background it really inspired me to want to try to make my own little creation in the fandom as well. With that said I'm sure ill find plenty of fun in this newly discovered world :)


Yes, join are mighty legion of foxes, soon world domination will be ours! Mwahahaha
lol anyways welcome to the forums!


Banana Party
Greetings, fox #10291! We have multi-man glory holes to the door on the left, and buckets of cum for you to guzzle to your heart's content on the right, just in case you ever feel a little parched or hungry.
Straight down the hallway is a monument for you to praise your all-knowing and all-powerful otter overlords. Alas; I am afraid that sine you, being a fox, will have to take the... " alternate" path if you wish exercise your daily right to worship.

Have a nice time.


More Metal Than You !!!
Otters are just jelly...we're so much more awesome.
Thanks again for the welcomes, especially from the other foxes :) as for the offer from the otters I'm afraid I must decline your offer :( and don't worry, I saw through the message friendly otter. All you wanted was a friend to play with, but you see... I'm a fox, and you're an otter... it could never be, but I will always remember your kind heart and passion for a play mate. Goodbye, sweet otter :*(

.....also, go foxes! :)
Poor otter, I know its hard to understand these things with your vast innocence. We need more of that simple innocence, but sadly in this world we live in we can not always have what we desire. I truly feel for you, little otter, but whether you want it or not does not matter, for it can never be.

.....Go foxes x2 :)


I'm getting some discrimination vibes here ya'll... =-P

Where are the other shepherds?! Nothing against otters and foxes, we're just overflowing with buckets of cum.

Abbi Normal

I think I'll just stick my head into this room, yell "HYENA" and run away.


The Arcane Sage
Now, now! Remember the Wolves have not yet been overthrown.... uh I mean.... voted out! We all know what those little piles of furr and the puddle of what comes out the other end are all about! Too much prune juice!
Welcome to the new person, did you realize that when you decided on a fox, that these are the most frisky and (shall we say) friendly of the fandom types?
I see that you are already having fun so keep up the good work! I was going to say "keep it up" but to a fox that would usually have a different meaning.


Fennec World dominance!
Giggle! Grandma Fox Welcomes you! Dont mind Gnarl hes allright.