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Hello? I'm new here.


A teeny muffin
Hi! Wow typing up a forum post really reminds me of my mspa (mspaintadventures) forum days... years ago hahah.

Anyway I'm Smolmuffin and you can call me Smol or Dandelion. I've been interested in the furry community for a few years now but haven't really considered myself a part of it until recently. I'm a shy bean but I'm excited to make new friends and explore things.

Not 100% sure what I'm doing around here yet or if I will be super active in the forums. I did read the rules and stuff so I'm fine there... just a bit anxious about actually interacting with people.


curious wolf
welcome, make yourself at home, take your time to look around, if you need help or just want to chat, you can always message me or the others, we are friendly^^
i hope you have fun and make lots of friends.


Finally comfortable in my fur!
Dont worry about shyness muffin ^v^ I think were all shy really ^v^ Just have as much fun as you wish ^v^

Ra'ara Su'nai

The golden-voiced fox
Hey there. No need to be nervous in a place like this. We're no different than anyone else. Well, except that we're fluffier. We welcome all sorts(as long as you aren't doing anything criminal) Just be you and have fun, and if you ever need a hug, just ask. I'm sure it'll be easy to find someone willing to give one.


The Reverend Blue Moon Bear
Well, hello there, Smol! Pull up a chair and enjoy yourself!