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Hello I'm new

Hello there... I'm kinda new to this forum and FA.. So I hope I can make some friends and stuff. Here's a little about me, I can be shy when actually meeting people, idk why I try really hard to meet people, I'm obsessed with wolves. I love to play games and even tried to make a game, but that didn't go to well. I love using computers and doing things on the. Other things I like include writing,reading, and drawing which I'm not very good at. I love to play volleyball and... Umm I think that basically it... Oh and I joined this fandom cause I loved wolves and werewolves... Uh hopefully I meet new friends... Um so... Well hi


Artistic Mouse
Hiya, Mice to meet you
I"m a mouse doodler, I draw mostly mice and such

Glad have you aboard, I really hope you like it here.
Feel free to ask me anything, or anyone really, we're a pretty friendly bunch

Dr. Franken-Fox

"it's alive, IT'S ALIVE!"
Hmm welcome, and a lot of us are pretty shy, that's why we resort to posting on online forums to achieve something that resembles human interaction! ;)

Seriously though, I hope you have fun here.


New Member
Hiya bud! welcome to the fluffiness :D as said above were all super friendly so you'll love it here :) feel free to pm me or anyone else