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Hello! I'm new!~


New Member
Hello, I go by the online name Cutieno I'm a digital artist and make graphics for an rpg mmo. I guess I've always been a furry, ever since I was young I loved the idea of anthropomorphic animals and I've recently fully accepted it into my life, by telling my boyfriend about it and being more open about it ^-^ to my surprise my boyfriend is also a furry. I've been wanting to join a furry community for a wile now and was told by my boyfriend about this.

I specialize in pixel art, but I'm learning how to do digital art, which I'm some-what good at now?
Anyways I like to go by the name Cutieno online :) I am not sure if anyone would recognize me from the game I make graphics for, but if you do, please let me know!

Thank you for taking the time to read this!


Ye inner crow
So you both can share in the craze? Awesome! Double the fun.
Looking forward to see your pixelworks on the forums :)


The Autistic Otter
your avatar makes me think of wind serpents from WoW