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Hello! New member (sort of)


Semi Hiatus
Hey everyone!
I'm Kailirian. I've joined the community a few years ago but never really interacted or posted art. But I did wanted to return and this time, I really want to participate more and meet new friends!

I hope to get to know some wonderful folks and have a great time.

Have a nice weekend!


Joy Boi
Hey, hey! Welcome back even though you're not completely new! I hope you have a wonderful time here finding new people! Don't be afraid to branch out. Most of us here are pretty friendly :3


Owari, biker by day, depressed lunatic by night
Heya, welcome back. Seems you’ve done the same as me lol. I originally set up this account 6 years ago and forgot it existed since.

hopefully make some new pals while Im here again.


Semi Hiatus
Thank you! :)
One of the biggest reasons I've joined was all the good things I always heard about this community.

Wow, 6 years! I was away for two years and it seems like forever!