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Hello people!


That White Guy
Hello everyone, been lurking on here for a few weeks and decided to get involved.

I am into the artistic and hobbyist aspect of the fandom because for me, a new hobby that involves making something that i can be proud of is awesome. I am into war-gaming and history as well as most everything about the arts. Ill go more in depth when i get around to it, but hey, im here now and got my foot in the door!

Also,any of you into Warhammer or warmahordes on this board?


Supreme Grocer
Welcome to FAF! Read the stickies and as you've probably already learned, lurking is helpful!


cute newbie kitten
hello and welcome.
There's a lot of artists, gamers and even a few historians around this place, I'm sure you'll soon find them and meet a whole bunch of interesting new people. good luck, I assume you've read all the stickied threads by now, they are very helpful. Just post around a lot, be careful to start with and good luck.
Meanwhile, would you like any biscuits or anything? *offers tray*