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Hello (Stupid and dumb introduction)


New Member
Hi, I'm K-Wave and I make music, I would post my music on soundcloud but who cares about soundcloud am I right? ...hehe
ok in all seriousness. I'm K-Wave, I make music, I strive to be like The Proidgy and Zombie Nation... except I use a computer instead of the actual hardware. Other than that, I'd might as well give you some info about myself
I'm 16, I used to animate but I gave that shit up & I'm single (How original amirite?!)

Uhm, anyways. BYE!

Also, Here's my FA account: Userpage of K-Wave -- Fur Affinity [dot] net

Niedlich the Folf

Cute Folf.
Hello and welcome! *wispers* Run!