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Dear Viewers,

Hello There im KS. I dont really have a backstory about myself but all I can say is that im an artist and yet dreaming in becoming an official public artist. I been drawing by this time im threading post this about since now im 16 around past since I was 4-5 years old. I like to draw anime characters like DBZ and some Naruto very basic styles. For as long as I have lived I kinda was stuck in what I was into and yet Furry Art was an interest in taking and got me where I am in my creativity. I like Video Games like Tekken, Yakuza, DBX, Final Fantasy (I only played 7 and 15 because I like playing 3rd person movable games and X2 was difficult for me to play but I liked it alot), Assassians Creed, Etc. Im wanting to become a director for movies and shows where my characters that are in furraffinities come to reality. I like music that fits my mood liek Enter Sandman, Neon blade, Vendetta!, Murder in My Mind, Radioactive, Toxic, Crazy Kids etc. That's pretty much it!

- KS


Yes, I believe in your mother joke supremacy :)
Heya! Welcome to FAF!! I hope you enjoy your stay and have a great rest of your day! :)