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Hello there


New Member
I'm new, I guess. I'm going under a different name because most of my current friends are less than hospitable to furries, so I'll keep it to here as much as I can. As far as I go, my interests are game development, and reading, mostly.

Car Fox

Formally "Torsion Beam"
Welcome. Hope to see good things.

Be sure to read the rules if you haven't, and have fun.


Feral at Heart
Hi there! Don't worry, a lot of people here may be hiding their furry interest from others they know in person. May I ask what types of books you enjoy reading?


Forever done
Welcome to the point of no return.


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Generally, fantasy. Anything by Christopher Paolini is fun, currently I'm reading through Eragon, it's good so far.
Hey! I'm new here too. What kind of games do you/plan to make? Always wanted to make games as a kid but knew I did not have the focus for it. Kudos!


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I've never really thought about it, but if I have the skills or technology, I'd like to make something with a ton of customization and upgrades, not necessarily voxel based, either. I mean something along the lines of, making a tool, combining components made of various materials or metals, like a sword with a blade of (metal here) and a handle of (material here), or armour with types or materials of padding, like leather armour padded with cloth, etc.


The Arcane Sage
Welcome! i love Fantasy! I won't try to sell you books, there are a lot of good writers right here! Enjoy