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Hello there!


-Artist and Crafter-
Hey there! I'm not really new to the fandom but I figured I'd join here to kinda lurk around. :3

I'm an artist and I've been working on a ton of fun projects including making harnesses and fursuits and tee-shirts!

Here are my most recent arts:


The Unwanted One

I try my best... sometimes
I love your art style! I know you said you weren’t new, but I still welcome you to the forums, and I hope you’ll have a good time.


Worshiper of Monster
Welcome to the forum, love.

Hope you enjoy your stay!

Casey Fluffbat

E. Fuscus from the discount section
What's the buzz, new-but-not-really-new person? Discussions, art, crafts, anything you want to post about we have a sub-forum for. Welcome!