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Hello there

Hello !

I'm Blackmoon, I'm 21. I live in France and I'm new in the furry fandom! My fursona is a black cat

I like animals, nature, plants, crystals, art. I love cute and fluffy stuff, but also dark and creepy things. My favorite animals are foxes, deers and wolves.

Also I'm a pagan witch :3 If there is any witch or pagan here, feel free to DM me! ♥

That's all, I'm open for any discussion if you want to learn more about me^^

Frank Gulotta

Send us your floppy


Totally not a vampire
Welcome! I used to be interested in paganism and witchcraft, but never actually practiced. Still have a couple books on various related subjects back at home though! (My personal favorite is "The Complete Idiot's Guide to Alchemy", which indeed exists and is played completely straight!)


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Hi there, welcome to the forums. I'll admit meeting a pagan is a first for me but I'm excitedtto learn more. Can I ask what's your favourite fruit?


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Welcome to the fandom and to FA :D

(Shame you cant turn me into a fox)