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hello to all


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hi, I go either by Xander or Kanhoro either way. umm what else is there to say about me...? Well i live in the states, im 18, i like to make stuff(sewing, knitting, crafting, etc.)....well my fursona is basically a wolf but some characteristics of a husky, sociable at times, but the look of a wolf still. Blue, grey blue and navy blue for the fur colors on me (as you can see i like blue)......what else. Oh i am sewing a wolf partial for Halloween as a backup costume and to lend to a friend and such, so far i finished one pair of black paws without any claws or pawpads, too much work for that much. i still need to do the footpaws and the arms and leggings, and also the head and tail pieces since it is a partial and such. so i usually post things onto craftster.org or other sites where i peruse and such :)
thanks for reading.


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Hi and welcome, if you need help just ask. Have fun.:)