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Hello to Everyone ^w^


Digital Artist
I'm Black Ruby.:D
I'm on Furafinity from a pair of weeks, but I've just seen now the possibility to present myself here.
I'm a digital artist, and I'm not gonna lie: I saw on Furafinity the possibility to promote myself doing the things I love.
I'm writing a comic and I hope you'll like it. The cover is already been posted and the characters sheet too.
You'll find all the information on my page, Patreon and commissions too.
I hope you'll enjoy my artworks.
See ya.:p
Userpage of TheBlackRuby -- Fur Affinity [dot] net


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Welcome! Have a cookie!

I'm always looking for new comics. :)

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Welcome to the forum!

I'm sure you'll get plenty of people interested into your art here. I'm personally not looking for any nsfw stuff, but admittedly just looking at the ref sheet from one of your characters, Aelia, shows that you're a talented artist.
Do you have commission infos somewhere?