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Hello! Umm..new to the whole fandom and hopes someone can draw my fursona!


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Hey guys! So I'm new to the fandom and I don't have anyone who will draw my fursona..I don't know where else to ask so I thought I'd ask here! Details are a fox with a more dark grey body, white tipped ears and paws, green eyes, green belly and glowing green insides, glowing green paw pads, and a green nose! Thanks and have a wonderful day!
What exactly do you mean by insides? As in, inside of the mouth, or, inside of his ears, or are they some sort of radioactive zombie?\
I'd love to draw you ^_^


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Hiya welcome to the forums; keep the #foxmasterrace going!!


boi...chill out!
Welcome to the forums.

You know, that bio-luminescence look you're going for is pretty cool, and I think a few posters on here would be more than happy to draw your fursona.


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Check out the artist threads. I am sure you could find someone to draw you up there.


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Look for the art exchange, buddy x3