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Hello Y'all!


Hello Y'all! My name is BooBoo!
I am a Viking Warrior Were with kickass braids and a Mohawk!
I am an artist and I love creating.
Feel free to check out my page!
My little sis, Mokitten has been telling me I should join and that many people would enjoy my art!
So here I am!
How is everyone doing today?​


Well-Known Member
Wonderful to have you here!! This is a great place with lots of fun and furry folks. I'm sure you'll enjoy it!



Thanks everyone!
I also enjoy coding pages !
I am working on my forum signature now.
Not sure what should go there.
My little sister Mokitten is making me an avatar in her sparetime as well.


Wolf of Many Talents
Welcome. Took a look at your art and I like your style.